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At Knox, we build structured products anchored around providing safer, more predictable yields for our users. Each strategy utilizes derivatives products like options to achieve the predicted returns. Users deposit assets into the vault and the strategies continuously deploy capital on a weekly basis.

Better Pricing

Knox has improved trade execution of the dutch auctions to execute strategies that give users the best possible yields.

Instant Withdrawal

Control your portfolio risk at any moment. Users can exit the weekly strategy at any point during the week.

Capital Efficient

Our proudct uses the vault standard for easy integration with other DeFi legos. Unlocking the ability to create a leveraged position with vault tokens.

Our Initial Product is DeFi Options Vaults

Covered Calls

Earn up to 20% APY
Stack ETH in any market
Institutional Grade Strategies
Algorithmic Strike selection
Anytime withdrawal
Coming Soon

Put Selling

Earn up to 20% APY
Collected weekly
Cash Settled
Algorithmic Strike selection
Anytime withdrawal
Coming Soon
More to come...

Put Selling

Delta Optimized Strategies
Withdraw Funds
Collect Fees
Secured On Prima
Anytime withdrawal
Coming Soon

Vaults Hosted by Premia


The vault receives deposits and invests capital is used as collateral on Premia to execute a weekly options strategy.


Every Friday, the vault determines strike selection and the American options are sold via a dutch auction.


The deposits are used to mint options which are sold via a dutch auction. The fees collected from the dutch auction represent the weekly yield.


When the option expires the yield is sent back to the vault and distributed to users. The weekly strategy will start again and put depositors' capital to work continuously earning juicy yields.

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